21 June 2017


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Hello everybody,

Long time no see... Yesterday I had my last exam and now I can officially say that I’m on holidays. I love having free time to spend doing things I like, however, summer holidays are very long and pretty often I find myself getting bored. Although I have a lot of plans for these months, whenever I’m at home and I can’t hang out with my friends because they are busy, I need to find something to do ASAP. As you all know, I love reading and baking, but something I also enjoy is watching movies. One of my favourite things to do is having a movie night with friends, family or on my own. I don’t spend the whole summer in front of the TV, but once in a while I do like to have some time to watch a movie and relax.

I would like to be able to prepare a movie-themed party or something because I see them all over Pinterest and they look great. The set-ups people share are amazing, they even customize the tickets, decorate the room as if it was a cinema, make especial snacks… You need to have a lot of time to prepare everything because it seems very hard to put it all together. These parties must be a great way to watch movies with friends, but my problem is that I like to talk during the film. I have the tendency of commenting every scene and thinking out loud. If I’m watching the movie with someone next to me, I need to tell them what I think it’s going to happen, which kind of annoys them. I still have to work that out and become a silent-movie-watcher (I just made that up).

Since I still have to work out my flaws and my party-decoration skills, today I will share with you my favourite films and some other things for you to have an awesome movie night.If you are looking for other movies, check out Pure Flix for some family-friendly & wholesome entertainment!


- Notting Hill
- One Day
- Genius
- The Parent’s Trap
- 10 Things I Hate About You
- Amélie
- Midnight in Paris
- 17 Again
- The Holiday
- Scoop


- Salty and sweet popcorn
- Lemonade
- Ice cream of your choice
- Pizza 
- Sushi (because sushi is always a good idea)


- Good company (or not)
- A comfortable place to sit/lay
- Tissues (you never know…)
- Proper lighting
- Materials to build a fort (in case you feel creative)


  1. I love movie nights! I had one with all of my cousins a few months ago. Well, it was actually a movie evening/movie lunch. I bought tons of chips and set up Cinderella 2015, then we all had lunch and i was pretty cool! But the idea of having designed tickets is super cool and I think I'll do that for the next time I organize a movie thing for my friends :D

    1. I love the fact that Disney is re-doing old films like Cindrella! Thanks for your comment Kanra, I hope your next movie night goes as well as this last one.

      Take care,

  2. que bé que tornis a estar aqui de nou! Espero que el curs t'hagi anat bé i gaudeixis d'un bon estiu!
    De les pelis que recomanes, no he vist la majoria, sobretot em crida l'atenció Midnight in Paris!